TIP 529: Image Metadata
TIP 529: Image Metadata

Setup files for Windows containing a preview of TIP 529 and associated new Img 1.5.0 version.

Corresponding source code links:

A simple metadata viewer for testing is available as a Tcl script.

> tclsh MetadataViewer.tcl --help

MetadataViewer.tcl ?-img? ?-jp2? ?-chk? DirName

Apply "image metadata" command to all files of
directory "DirName" and show the metadata
information of each file in a tablelist.
By default, only the image parsers of Tk are used.

-img: Additionally load Img extension on startup.
-jp2: Additionally load imgjp2 extension on startup.
-chk: Create a photo image for each file and compare the
      metadata information of the photo image against the
      metadata information retrieved by "image metadata".


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